True Followers



I include in this short article a link to a commentary by Matt Barber, (columnist for Townhall) entitled: Christian Terrorists’ Don’t Exist. Mr. Barber has articulated what I have felt for years, that true radical-Christians show love in radical ways, while radical Muslims are violent, and hateful in their ways.

Many will be acquainted with the slang, Jack-Mormon, I have adopted and freely have been using the term, Jack-Christian for quite a while. I employ the label Jack-Christian to call attention to a person that is inactive as a real-Christian, an individual that may or may not attend a local Church, and has degraded the Word of God (the Bible) into their own doctrines; teachings that make them feel good about themselves and to do not follow faithfully Jesus Christ or His commandments.

It is now time to use the terminology “Jack” with Islam, for true Muslims are those that follow after their prophet Muhammad; this following goes beyond the Quran. Radical Muslims also follow the Hadith (the sayings and deeds of Muhammad), these two (Quran and Hadith) Muhammadan sources together have developed Islamic jurisprudence.




So then, those Muslims that do not follow Muhammad directly, make up the majority of Islam (most intelligence agencies put the number between 75-85%) and they are peaceful Muslims; the remainder (a significant minority) are considered orthodox or radical Muslims. This minority accounts for between 150-300 million (dependent upon which percentage is correct) radical-Muslims, world-wide. The point is, that the majority of Muslims are not devout but are Jack-Muslims, for if they were fully following Muhammad, they would be tyrants and murderers amongst other things. Peaceful Muslims are not true followers of Muhammad. Christians on the other hand, can with no reserve follow Christ having no concern of doing damage to people, because following Christ leads to service and sacrifice. Following Muhammad leads to enslavement, murder and oppression.


By Steve Williams



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